Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I am contemplating a book study from Whole Hearted Ministries, when this pops up in my emails!
So timely! Pretty sure that is one for conviction and confirmation!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Everything is going as planned and then.....

It was a great morning!  Up in time to feed Scarlett, hand her over to her mom and off for my walk with Teresa.  Great time today of 17:36 min/mile. (Yeah, we could walk faster, but we are working on that..already have cut some time off in the last 2 weeks)

I really enjoy our walks. For the past 4 years we have been pretty consistent on a 3x week 2.3 mile walk in the neighborhood.  Although, we have attempted it for the last 14 years off and on. We have time to share the Lord with each other, prayer requests, talk about the Bible and just what is going on in our lives.  Couldn't ask for a better partner!

Feeling good, I walked into the house.  Caroline had a weight recheck,and  I had Scarlett.  I remember those days of taking a baby to the Peds with my other kids and it was really difficult to pay attention.

Scarlett went for her nap and all was good.

Up for lunch and then after some play, we went out to the store.  Scarlett loves to go out and see people and new things...Caroline does not.

It gets crazy, but when the dust settles, I am reminded once again that God is in control and He has blessed all of us so much!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Good byes or see you laters...

Once again our family and friends are facing Cancer and the prognosis isn't good.
To receive a good-bye note is quite jarring.
None of us know the hour of our demise and for believers; the day we change our location and our wretched bodies become whole.  
So, as Christians in the Church- do we say "good bye" or "see you later" ?  

I feel the shaking, the stirring of my soul.  Checking to see who is on the throne; is it Jesus or is it me?
   Time to re evaluate, to review, to re purpose,  and to renew.

At the same time, weddings and babies are also being celebrated. Life goes on. We live and we die.
I am hard pressed to remain diligent to keep my hyphen ( 1962-20xx) full of Christ filled living.
A question that has come up this week, "Do I really believe what I believe is really real?" D.Tackett.

So, as I ponder, I will pray that the Lord will help me with my disbelief, that my friend will experience healing, and that I will proclaim Him!  May my Intentions be my Actions.

Hebrews 12:2

New King James Version (NKJV)
looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Finally, I get around to writing a few of my thoughts.  So many new things and events are happening here.  My girls are a big part of these.  Pat has moved on out of state...we miss him.  He is doing well with his new job and is growing as a manager and as a man. He had his 27th birthday in May- and I am feeling a little old! :-)

Jordan is busy with trees falling down, or trimming to avoid trees coming down.  With over 10in of rain this June- the  ground is on the point of being supersaturated.  Every time it rains, Flash Flood warnings abound.  He turned 24 in June!

Elizabeth and Luke moved in after he got his terminal leave from USMC.  They were expecting baby girl 2.  She arrived 10 days early and looks a lot like big sister!  We are adjusting to living together and Luke is doing his best in a civilian job.  He is growing his hair out and has a beard..because he finally can do what he wants!

Angela has graduated homeschool high school.  She is looking into some avenues to follow in the future.

Michelle, graduated from high school and is headed for the mountains in just  a few months!

Life moves forward...and I am so blessed and proud of all my kids and the strides they are making.  I pray that they will keep close to God and be led by the Holy Spirit!

 Yay!  A year early and with Honors!
 My dad took the pic, and didn't wait for me to stop talking...
 The girls! <3 nbsp="" p="">
 Uncle Jordy loves to help Scarlett explore the outdoors.  We enjoyed breakfast at the Farmer's Market after the ceremony.
 Sisters napping together after an early graduation ceremony (8am) and all that entails.  Rush hour, 9m pregnant with an 18m old!
 Saying good bye to Pat in Wilmington.I thought I had a pic with Pat in it somewhere...
 Mich at AppState visit in April.  We accepted right after and she is already packing-sigh! (Sniff)
Learning to be gentle with her baby sister, Caroline Eileen 6/16 (Father's day and her daddy's bday)
                                                                5 lbs 14oz, 19 in, cute as a button!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

winter in spring

I usually cycle through feeling  a little "punk", as my Grandma would say, and feeling up and refreshed.
Lately punk.  
Had to put the dog down.  Peppy was a constant companion for 15 years.  Although, officially not my dog- he was for the kids to have and to learn responsibility for, he was mine.  I fed, watered, bathed, walked, cleaned up after, brought to the vets, etc... and he was a good dog.
He was stinky and old and still he was good.  It was a hard choice, but it was time-he was in pain. 
Scarlett came with her parents to visit us.  She got sick and I felt so bad for her.  Her mommy did so well taking care of her first vomiting episodes.  She even got to experience it first hand, while enjoying a rare cuddle!

Lots to be thankful for and lots to pray for.  I am thankful for all the reminders of God's grace that is extended to me each day!

Praying for the ones I love that don't know Him. Praying for those I don't even know!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to E and L!  

Praying for a wonderful job opportunity for V.

Hoping Spring comes and stays a little bit.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Am Glad

2012 is out and 2013 is in..Already! Happy New Year!

So much went on in the past year.  It really is an incredible thing to think about; at times I really thought the months dragged and then  November and December just flew by.

This fall, I attended a Bible study on Nehemiah.  Nehemiah was an amazing man of God!  I think he had it right.  He listened to God, boldly prayed and approaching the king-OBEYED God!

He went about God's business with a strict focus. He wept when he heard the condition of Jerusalem, and then he set about getting it rebuilt as God had directed him.  He was a cup bearer  not a soldier, not a builder, not a manager or leader of people. But he did LOVE God!

A short time after  starting, adversity from all sides, the walls of Jerusalem are up.  The people are returning, they are hearing the Word of God.  They are repentant, and long to return to the Lord and follow Him.

Nehemiah comes back to some issues.  He boldly deals with them and takes care of anyone who doesn't get it. He perseveres to the end of his mission, because he prays and obeys, he has the POWER of the Holy Spirit.

This month I listened to the Passion2013 conference. The focus of Passion is to end slavery in the world.  There are some 27 million captives.    Some very good speakers.  Beth Moore talked about Passover and Easter....comparing the Jewish viewpoint of "it would have been enough" to the Christian point of view..it wasn't enough...UNTIL JESUS and his shedding of blood.

Francis Chan spoke on if you want to be close to Jesus, if you want to have the Spirit's power...you need to be making disciples.  You need to get out and talk to people. You need to pray, share and bapitze. I need to trust in God, and His promises because He alone is TRUSTWORTHY, and His Promises are TRUE.

John Piper brought up suffering, not for the sake of suffering, but for the sake of Christ.  God knows our hearts and what motivates us.  Suffering is the pressure or the fire that is building our character...polishing of the mirror that is us to reflect Jesus.I want my prayer  to be Lord change me and not Lord change the circumstances   Perhaps I will learn faster and I will  see the good more clearly.

Gary Haugen, brought up tragedies and evil.  The world says, "Where was God when .....happened?" But the real question is, "Where was God's people when.... happened?" Where am I when evil happens, what am I doing to shed light in darkness?

Judah Smith
The Church, as a community, needs to work together to share Jesus, to tell of Jesus.  We need to be Glad!
He has saved me from the miry pit, He has loved me with an unending love, He has shown His grace and mercy to me.....etc.!!!! So many things to be Glad for.  So, I think I should respond to "How are you?"  To "Glad" and not "good"

Louis Giglio..talked about being anointed and going to do God's work and you will go in the POWER of the Holy Spirit, he compared it to  Ezekiel and the dry bones that God breathes life into and they become an army for God, Isaiah anointed to speak of the Messiah, Jesus reading Isaiah and stating it was fulfilled, and the apostles waiting to receive the Spirit before they go out.

So, I will be praying and listening, hopefully joining with many others who want to make a difference in this world, by illuminating the LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS!

Monday, September 10, 2012


August...in "a gust of wind" has passed by so quickly!  We ended up staying home more, for financial reasons, extreme heat, and others.  Michelle completed her English III course, and  enter this year as a Senior!!  That means all kinds of things that we should have been more careful in planning, now have to be done in a few months!  Testing, resume building, scholarship applications, college apps and visiting!

It was good to have summer break, but I think we were all ready to get back into a routine.

Where things might seem insurmountable, or uncertain  I know that God isn't and that keeps me going.  Persevering on even in some times that I really don't want to go through.  I feel like a toddler sometimes. I see them resisting, sitting down, squishing their faces  up or crying and I realize that is me.  I don't like trials.  But it is part of life, and I am to use my time wisely.  I need to stop looking at me and keep my focus always turned upward to the One who loves me, cares for me, chastises me, nurtures me, holds me.  So, here I go...not necessarily as enthusiastically as Steven Curtis Chapman..he was diving in...I think I am taking the steps.  God is Good ALL the time and ALL the time God is Good! We don't mind having some prayers on our behalf! Please pray for God to be Glorified in our lives.
A few comforting passages from the Bible I have been meditating on:
Ps 143,Isaiah 43, Jeremiah 31:3, Romans 8:18-21
 Scarlett 8 months,sitting and slobbering-Completely adorable!
 21st Birthday meal at  the Aviator-but she didn't get a side of beer.

Hard working Michelle!