Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Finally, I get around to writing a few of my thoughts.  So many new things and events are happening here.  My girls are a big part of these.  Pat has moved on out of state...we miss him.  He is doing well with his new job and is growing as a manager and as a man. He had his 27th birthday in May- and I am feeling a little old! :-)

Jordan is busy with trees falling down, or trimming to avoid trees coming down.  With over 10in of rain this June- the  ground is on the point of being supersaturated.  Every time it rains, Flash Flood warnings abound.  He turned 24 in June!

Elizabeth and Luke moved in after he got his terminal leave from USMC.  They were expecting baby girl 2.  She arrived 10 days early and looks a lot like big sister!  We are adjusting to living together and Luke is doing his best in a civilian job.  He is growing his hair out and has a beard..because he finally can do what he wants!

Angela has graduated homeschool high school.  She is looking into some avenues to follow in the future.

Michelle, graduated from high school and is headed for the mountains in just  a few months!

Life moves forward...and I am so blessed and proud of all my kids and the strides they are making.  I pray that they will keep close to God and be led by the Holy Spirit!

 Yay!  A year early and with Honors!
 My dad took the pic, and didn't wait for me to stop talking...
 The girls! <3 nbsp="" p="">
 Uncle Jordy loves to help Scarlett explore the outdoors.  We enjoyed breakfast at the Farmer's Market after the ceremony.
 Sisters napping together after an early graduation ceremony (8am) and all that entails.  Rush hour, 9m pregnant with an 18m old!
 Saying good bye to Pat in Wilmington.I thought I had a pic with Pat in it somewhere...
 Mich at AppState visit in April.  We accepted right after and she is already packing-sigh! (Sniff)
Learning to be gentle with her baby sister, Caroline Eileen 6/16 (Father's day and her daddy's bday)
                                                                5 lbs 14oz, 19 in, cute as a button!

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