Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Am Glad

2012 is out and 2013 is in..Already! Happy New Year!

So much went on in the past year.  It really is an incredible thing to think about; at times I really thought the months dragged and then  November and December just flew by.

This fall, I attended a Bible study on Nehemiah.  Nehemiah was an amazing man of God!  I think he had it right.  He listened to God, boldly prayed and approaching the king-OBEYED God!

He went about God's business with a strict focus. He wept when he heard the condition of Jerusalem, and then he set about getting it rebuilt as God had directed him.  He was a cup bearer  not a soldier, not a builder, not a manager or leader of people. But he did LOVE God!

A short time after  starting, adversity from all sides, the walls of Jerusalem are up.  The people are returning, they are hearing the Word of God.  They are repentant, and long to return to the Lord and follow Him.

Nehemiah comes back to some issues.  He boldly deals with them and takes care of anyone who doesn't get it. He perseveres to the end of his mission, because he prays and obeys, he has the POWER of the Holy Spirit.

This month I listened to the Passion2013 conference. The focus of Passion is to end slavery in the world.  There are some 27 million captives.    Some very good speakers.  Beth Moore talked about Passover and Easter....comparing the Jewish viewpoint of "it would have been enough" to the Christian point of wasn't enough...UNTIL JESUS and his shedding of blood.

Francis Chan spoke on if you want to be close to Jesus, if you want to have the Spirit's need to be making disciples.  You need to get out and talk to people. You need to pray, share and bapitze. I need to trust in God, and His promises because He alone is TRUSTWORTHY, and His Promises are TRUE.

John Piper brought up suffering, not for the sake of suffering, but for the sake of Christ.  God knows our hearts and what motivates us.  Suffering is the pressure or the fire that is building our character...polishing of the mirror that is us to reflect Jesus.I want my prayer  to be Lord change me and not Lord change the circumstances   Perhaps I will learn faster and I will  see the good more clearly.

Gary Haugen, brought up tragedies and evil.  The world says, "Where was God when .....happened?" But the real question is, "Where was God's people when.... happened?" Where am I when evil happens, what am I doing to shed light in darkness?

Judah Smith
The Church, as a community, needs to work together to share Jesus, to tell of Jesus.  We need to be Glad!
He has saved me from the miry pit, He has loved me with an unending love, He has shown His grace and mercy to me.....etc.!!!! So many things to be Glad for.  So, I think I should respond to "How are you?"  To "Glad" and not "good"

Louis Giglio..talked about being anointed and going to do God's work and you will go in the POWER of the Holy Spirit, he compared it to  Ezekiel and the dry bones that God breathes life into and they become an army for God, Isaiah anointed to speak of the Messiah, Jesus reading Isaiah and stating it was fulfilled, and the apostles waiting to receive the Spirit before they go out.

So, I will be praying and listening, hopefully joining with many others who want to make a difference in this world, by illuminating the LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS!

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babyarnie said...

Amen and amen! Wow! ...A quote that I want to live up to: I wanted to ask the Lord why he allows suffering, poverty and injustice in the world but I was afraid he would ask me the same thing .
Looking fwd to 2013 and finding his will and jumping in it.